How to avoid being ‘culturally appropriative’ in your own church

The Unitarian Universalist Association of Australia (UUAA) has warned that if “the term ‘cult-like’ is to be avoided, then it is not going to be found in the bible or the scriptures”.A new report by the AAUA warns that some of its members have experienced the “cult-ish” language, images and practices that many Christians have come to associate with Christianity.“The […]

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How a group of un-orthodox churchgoers found a way to survive online

A group of Bible-believing Orthodox Christians in Greece are living their life online in a way that many Christians would never dare do.Joel Owen Church is one of the un-official Unitarian Universalist churches in Greece.They claim to have a community of believers, and many congregants live in the streets of Athens.They even have a website that provides basic information on […]

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