‘I was born again’: A Christian’s journey from atheist to Christian in the Bible era

Author John Koeppler chronicles the journey of one man as he makes the leap from atheist and skeptic to Christian.Koepps explores the story of a devout Christian who in 1829 became an evangelist for the salvation of the dead, a quest he led with his wife, Sarah, and the couple’s two children.He also describes the storyteller’s journey to becoming a […]

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This church in Oregon’s Mount Rainier National Park is being converted to serve as a Christian church

The Church of Hope is an independent Christian congregation in the state of Oregon.Founded in 1997 by members of a New Testament denomination, it has since expanded into dozens of denominations, including the Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, Catholic Church, and Orthodox Christian Church.In 2017, it officially announced that it would be converting its church into a church in […]

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