How to get the perfect photo with the St Anne’s church

A photo-op of St Anne and St Mary’s, with a touch of the Vatican City.St Anne, with its Gothic architecture and church, is one of the best-preserved church ruins in the world, which is why the Vatican is considering using it as a museum.“It’s like an archaeological site,” said Francesco Giudice, the director of the Pontifical Museums of the Holy […]

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How a church shooting in Charleston may have triggered the Charleston church shooting

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, was the site of a massacre in March 2017.One of the victims, Dylann Roof, was convicted of the murders of nine black parishioners in 2015.In January 2018, Roof was sentenced to death for the murders.He is currently on death row at the state’s death row.The church is home to the South Carolina […]

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