How to make the living word alive at your church?

You can make the church liveable, if you are willing to give it a little soul.It’s the thing that makes your congregation, your community, your church alive, in Christ.The thing is, there are many, many churches around the world that do not have the opportunity to live this way.For some, it’s simply not an option.For others, it is a spiritual […]

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How a group of un-orthodox churchgoers found a way to survive online

A group of Bible-believing Orthodox Christians in Greece are living their life online in a way that many Christians would never dare do.Joel Owen Church is one of the un-official Unitarian Universalist churches in Greece.They claim to have a community of believers, and many congregants live in the streets of Athens.They even have a website that provides basic information on […]

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Which is better: a Living Word Community Church song or a Grace Community Church tune?

In the United States, Grace Community Churches are not allowed to sing songs in their churches, and the singing of gospel music in churches is not allowed at all. In recent years, however, the church has begun singing gospel songs in local churches. The new song, titled Living Word, is part of a revival of the church’s music. As part of the revival, […]

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