A new Christian church is being built on an abandoned site in the UK

A new church has been erected on an empty site in Wales.Grace Covenant Church of the Resurrection was dedicated in June, and will be located at the former Hope Inn in Cumbria.The building is the brainchild of church director Andrew Brierley, and has been designed by architects WOCH Architecture.“It’s a beautiful church, it’s very contemporary, it has a very modern […]

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Which Living Waters Church Members Are Really Christians?

Posted September 08, 2018 06:09:17 When you think about it, the word “Christian” is used a lot.It’s a common word, but it’s a little tricky to say what it means.The word doesn’t have a clear definition and some people define it as a religion, while others say it means one who practices a specific religion.And for most people, “Christianity” doesn’t […]

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‘It’s not just about the weather’: Living Waters Church opens to the public in Glasgow

Living Waters, a congregation of people living in Scotland’s Great Ormond Street, has welcomed a new visitor for a few days with open arms.The Scottish Church of England is opening the church to the wider public for a day on Friday to celebrate its 70th anniversary.A group of 100-150 people are expected to gather at the church’s St Mary’s Hall […]

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