Watch as pastor of Emanuel Baptist Church dies

The Rev. William F. Johnson, pastor of the Emanuel Baptist church in Burlington, Vt., died Saturday after a battle with brain cancer.He was 71.Johnson died from a stroke in his sleep Saturday morning, the Rev. Richard A. Wills, pastor at the church, said.He died at St. Michael’s Medical Center in Boston.He lived in Burlington.A church spokesman said Johnson served as […]

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How Grace Baptist Church in Hillsong is preparing for life after the death of Grace’s son

The Grace Baptist Community Church in South Hillsong, Victoria, has confirmed the death in May of its pastor, Rev. Grace Grace Baptist.The Hillsong Church in nearby Melbourne was one of the churches affected by the flooding.Dr. Grace Baptist, 88, who has been pastor of the Hillsong Community Church for nearly 40 years, died at home on May 16.The church was […]

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