Which Living Waters Church Members Are Really Christians?

Posted September 08, 2018 06:09:17 When you think about it, the word “Christian” is used a lot.It’s a common word, but it’s a little tricky to say what it means.The word doesn’t have a clear definition and some people define it as a religion, while others say it means one who practices a specific religion.And for most people, “Christianity” doesn’t […]

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How to Live in an Orthodox Church

Cottonwood church in Tennessee has become one of the most popular congregations in the country.This story is part of the Entertainment Weekly’s new series “Saving Money,” which looks at saving money in the church world.(Photo: USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee)The Cottonwood Church of Christ has been serving a small, mostly Hispanic congregation for more than 30 years.This Sunday, the church is hosting […]

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