“We’re not really sure why we’re here.” Church at Prestonwood baptists church gets a new name

Prestonwood Baptist Church in North Carolina has a new face in its name.The new name is Prestonwood Baptists Church of the Incarnate Word, and it’s part of a change to the church’s identity that was announced by pastor John C. Campbell, according to a press release from the church.“The Incarnate Faith was established in the 1950s by the Baptist and […]

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The 10 Best Movies About the Mass: How to Celebrate, Not Be Scared

The Mass is a very popular Christian practice.And while there are countless popular movies about the Mass, a recent study found that only about a quarter of those movies feature people who celebrate the mass in their own homes.The movie industry has taken notice and launched a new initiative to make the mass a more recognizable event, in which movie […]

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