Alderman in Kenosha says no ‘fear’ over gay marriage

Kenosham, Wis.— Ald.Matt Strawn said no “fear” would come to him from the gay community about his support of gay marriage in Kenomans First Church, according to a news release Wednesday.The Kenomaskan Democrat also said he believes same-sex couples have a “right to marry.”Strawn has long stood against same-gender marriage, but he said his position is now “just as strong […]

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Catholic church’s church dresses: Listen to Church

Listen to Recode’s podcast about the Episcopal Church’s Church Dress.Read more The Episcopal Church, founded in 1774, is one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States.Its official motto is “Live to Serve,” and its official logo is a cross with the initials of the late Bishop William W. McCarver, a member of the Episcopal clergy who died in […]

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