A new church has been erected on an empty site in Wales.

Grace Covenant Church of the Resurrection was dedicated in June, and will be located at the former Hope Inn in Cumbria.

The building is the brainchild of church director Andrew Brierley, and has been designed by architects WOCH Architecture.

“It’s a beautiful church, it’s very contemporary, it has a very modern look,” said Brierleys associate director for design and architecture, Mike Larkin.

“We’ve had a very strong commitment to heritage in this building, but also the history of Grace Covenant is really rich and rich and we wanted to bring that back into the design.”

“We are very much looking at the future and how to ensure that the community continues to be part of that,” he added.

The church, which will be built on a former warehouse site, is one of several in the Welsh valleys that have been converted into homes for local charities.

The group is working with local authorities and charities to make sure they have suitable structures, and hopes to be up and running in the next two to three years.

It’s a very important project for the community, said Briersley, who hopes the congregation will be able to use the facilities to serve as a “living water”.

The church was initially scheduled to open in June but the construction has been delayed due to a lack of funds.

“A lot of the funding that was going to be put in was lost, so we’re still waiting on a new contract,” he said.

The congregation has been approached for comment, but it’s not yet clear when the church will be open.

Grace is a charity that works with people with developmental disabilities and can provide services to families and those with mental health issues.

They are currently seeking donations for the construction of a transitional housing unit for those with physical disabilities, and are currently looking for a contractor to take over the building.

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