A small church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been wearing dresses that make a statement about their faith.

The Church of Hope dresses its boys and girls as young as three in black and gold, with the same bright red dresses worn by women in the church’s Sunday worship services.

The children wear matching dresses.

“It’s about being in touch with who we are as a family and being in a place where we’re all connected,” said Sister Catherine Hynes.

They know what they’re doing is important and they’re passionate about it.” “

They’re not going to a church every Sunday, but they’re very connected to the church.

They know what they’re doing is important and they’re passionate about it.”

The church also has a small children’s choir and has started a website, HopeLutheranChurch.com, to spread its message.

Hynes said the church hopes the dresses will help kids see themselves differently, and that they will eventually help young people feel comfortable in their faith and their faith-inspired beliefs.

“We want to make them understand that they are the people they should be,” she said.

“When they see that they have a voice in the world, they’ll understand that their faith is important.”

Hope Lutheran Church in Winnipeg is one of two Lutheran churches in Canada that offer similar dress codes.

The other is in Edmonton, Alberta.

Hope Lutheran says the dress codes were created by the church and not influenced by any external pressure.

“The dress is about being a part of a family, being involved in the community, having faith in the Lord and the Savior, and having that same kind of faith that people have to have,” said the Rev. Chris Taylor, who leads the choir at Hope Lutheran.

“And that’s what makes it so wonderful.”

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