The Westboro Baptist church’s members, who protest the funerals of soldiers killed in the Iraq war, are protesting the funeral for a soldier killed in a church shooting in Westboro, Massachusetts. 

The church’s website said that “the families of those killed by the evil soldiers of the world are demanding an apology for the death of their son and a full accounting of the crimes of the soldiers who are responsible.” 

The event is expected to feature speeches from church leaders, as well as celebrities. 

But according to ABC News, the Westboro members also want to “take over the streets of Washington, D.C. and start burning crosses.”

The group’s leader, Terry Jones, said in a video posted online that he is “disappointed” with the police response. 

“We’re not going to stop until the whole world sees what our cause is,” he said.

“We’re tired of being lied to, of being called racists, and we’re tired, we’re angry.” 

Jones also said that the protest is not for profit, and will be for the “fear of God.”

He told the Boston Herald that the Westboro Church is “a group of angry, right-wing people who want to kill all the non-believers and destroy America.” 

“If you are in Washington and you want to get on the bandwagon with this, then go and get on it.

You’re a good person,” Jones said. 

In response to the protesters, members of the Westborough Police Department tweeted a picture of officers in riot gear in the street outside the church, which was on the second floor of the Capitol building. 

They also posted the hashtag #standwithwebreckon and a photo of the officers wearing riot gear. 

ABC News’ Kate Meehan, Mark Stevenson, and Michael Grunwald contributed to this report.

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