Posted September 08, 2018 06:09:17 When you think about it, the word “Christian” is used a lot.

It’s a common word, but it’s a little tricky to say what it means.

The word doesn’t have a clear definition and some people define it as a religion, while others say it means one who practices a specific religion.

And for most people, “Christianity” doesn’t mean a specific set of beliefs.

It just means the religion you believe in.

And that’s how it is in the Christian church.

And it’s not the case in the southland church, the Living Waters church, or the other Living Waters churches in the area.

That’s where most of the members of the Southland Christian Church live.

They’re not the most prominent members of that church, but they’re the largest church in the entire Southland.

They have a congregation of around 2,000 people and their website says that they’ve served over 12,000 members and have grown their congregation to more than 15,000.

The church is known for its large, open, family-oriented congregation.

But the church is also a lot like a traditional Christian church, says pastor Steve Lantz, a pastor and the executive director of the Living Water church in South Bend, Indiana.

Lantz says that when people go to the church, they expect a church that’s family oriented, but in the church it’s more like a small, intimate church.

The pastor says that a lot of the people that go to church in Southern Indiana have been members of Living Waters, the church that he founded in 1987.

The Living Waters congregation is about 10 percent of the overall Southland church’s total, but the church has been able to grow because it’s part of the larger Southland community, Lantz said.

Lott’s church has a membership of about 1,000 to 1,500 people, and it’s still growing.

Lotti says that living waters church has grown a lot over the years because it is an institution that has been a community for so many years, he said.

“I think living waters is a good example of how we can grow in this community and still be a family oriented church,” Lotti said.

The Bible is the foundation of the church and the bible is the word of God.

It doesn’t tell you how to live your life, but just to live as God tells you to do.

Luttis church has had a lot more success in Southland because of his congregation, Lutti said.

He says that the Bible was used by his congregation to create an atmosphere for the worship, and they do that with their bible.

The bible is about living God’s plan for us to live in a loving, family environment.

“It’s a great tool for us,” Luttisch said.

But Lutties church doesn’t just have to be about a family-centered church, Lottis says.

It also has to be a church where people can come and worship.

The living waters Bible is called the Living Bible and it has a lot to do with God’s kingdom.

The words are literally translated as “living waters,” and it comes from the Greek word for “water.”

That means it’s an ancient, divine, and loving book that is the basis for all other Bible books, Lotti explained.

That means people can have the Bible at home and it can be in their home and they can share it with others.

People in the South Land are especially drawn to the Living Wards Bible because it teaches a lot about God’s relationship with the world and how he wants us to relate to it, Lotta said.

Living Waters Bible is also known for the church’s Bible studies.

The scriptures are translated in a lot different ways, but many people are taught to read them one-by-one.

The people in the living waters bible study are taught that the bible isn’t about Jesus, but about God.

The book of scripture that the church uses to study is called a bible study, and Luttiscans Bible Study is a study group that is dedicated to that book.

Lotta says that it’s really important to the people in this church that they study the bible, because the bible will help them grow spiritually.

“You need to be able to look at the bible in the light of the world,” Lotta explained.

And the Bible study is a great way for people to learn about God and how He wants people to live.

Lothi is a pastor in the Livingwaters Bible Study, and he says that he and the other pastors in the bible study study are very dedicated to the Bible and its teaching.

“The Bible is a very good tool for our lives, and we need to make it a very, very good thing,” Lothit said.

For Lothigans church, it’s the bible that he uses to pray

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