The St John’s church in Wilmington, Delaware, was built in 1859, according to the website, and was a church in a rural area of the Delaware state capital, Wilmington.

The website’s description of the church says it is “the largest family church in Delaware, and home to many families, including many children.”

It was founded in 1875 by a wealthy family in the nearby town of Wilmington, and later renamed Grace Church in memory of Grace, the church’s founder.

According to the website, Grace Family Church was “founded by the first African American minister in America,” William L. “Billy” Grace, who is best known for his preaching, including his sermons on the sermons given in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 18, 1866, when a white woman, Sarah Davis, was raped and killed by a mob.

Grace’s sermon is credited with inspiring the Black Civil Rights movement and was considered by many to be one of the most influential sermons in the history of American Christianity.

However, in 2017, the Grace family’s church was razed to the ground.

In 2017, a white man named Dylann Roof was arrested for the murder of nine black people in a church and the shooting death of another seven.

Roof, who was convicted of the murder in 2017 and is awaiting trial on multiple counts, has been convicted of murder in the death of nine people in the church in Charleston in 2017.

Since the church was burned to the earth, several churches across the country have been destroyed.

Last week, a church of the same name was destroyed in a blaze that occurred in Wilmington.

According to a statement from the Delaware Historical Society, “the church is located in a forested area with no access to water or electricity, and the only access to the surrounding area is by hiking and biking trails.

A large wooded area has been used to store the charred remains of the building, which are in the process of being moved to a new location.”

According for the Delaware Historic Preservation Commission, the property was purchased by the Grace Family church in 1978 and has since been used as a parking lot, a storage facility for the family’s vehicles, and as a residence.

“Although the church is a historic landmark, the structures and historic character of the property remain the property of the Gracefamily family,” the statement said.

“The Grace family owns the property, and all efforts to restore the property are currently being undertaken.”

In addition to the church being burned, the St John the Baptist church in New York City was also destroyed.

On August 8, the congregation was gathered at the church for a mass that included a funeral procession, according a New York Times article.

The church was later demolished in a fire.

A spokesperson for the Grace Church of the Nazarene in New Orleans, which is also in New Jersey, said in a statement that the church had been “completely destroyed” by fire.

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