Harvest Church in the United States, the oldest continuously operating evangelical church in the country, is gearing up for a new leader.

The church’s board of directors voted Tuesday to remove pastor Steve Miller, who led the church in its tumultuous years.

He left the denomination last year to become the director of the evangelical nonprofit Harvest Community Church in New York.

He is a former pastor at St. Joseph’s Church in St. Louis, Missouri.

He also served as pastor of St. Mary’s Church, a historically black congregation in Alabama.

Miller has been accused of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

He is also accused of molesting three women and has said he would “leave them there and walk away.”

In his new role, Miller said he wants to focus on the church’s mission and outreach to the world.

He said his new roles would help his church meet the challenges of “the new millennium.”

The church, which began in 1954, had been plagued by financial problems and turmoil as it battled a national recession and a federal indictment for abuse.

In December, the church announced that Miller would step down, but not before announcing a new leadership team.

The church said Miller would serve for a five-year term that would end in 2018.

The move comes a week after the church said it had found a new new pastor to lead Harvest.

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