The church, or Protestantism, is the largest Christian denomination in North America, with around a million members in more than 180 countries.

But the church’s history and the history of Protestantism is often shrouded in mystery.

In the 1960s, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the largest Protestant denomination in America, took over the denomination, renaming it the Southern Baptists.

It is still a Protestant denomination, but the denomination is now called the Southern Evangelical Baptist Convention.

The new denomination has been criticized for not doing enough to support the church and the churches of the world.

The SBC is now headed by former Southern Baptist General Convention President Wayne Grudem, who was recently ousted as the SBC president.

Grudim is a conservative evangelical who was also elected to the SBA’s governing body.

He’s not a fan of gay rights, which the church does not support, but he has also been a champion of Israel.

According to the AP, Grudm has said the church has “made mistakes” in its history, but has “reached a point of truth where we’ve had to acknowledge the sins of the past.”

Grudem also told the AP that he thinks Christians should not be punished for their beliefs.

“We should not punish people who believe differently than we do, and we should not condemn them for their choice,” he said.

Ahead of his appointment to the board of the SBS, Gradm was criticized by a prominent member of the denomination.

Michael Barber, the president of the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church (SME), which also has the largest denomination in Southern America, told the Associated Press he would not attend the next board meeting.

Barber said that Grudms history and views of the church was not compatible with his beliefs.

“The SBS board has had several years to consider the views of all the denominations in the Southeastern Baptist Conference, and all have spoken in agreement that we need to look at our history in a more comprehensive way and make the necessary changes,” Barber said.

“We have not done this yet, and I don’t believe we will.”

A number of conservative Christian groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center and Freedom From Religion Foundation, have also criticized Grudems appointment to leadership positions.

In a letter to the Baptist Convention, Barber wrote that he believes the denomination has “failed to address and rectify decades of systemic and intentional bias in our Church and the way we teach, minister, worship and teach our beliefs.”

“The church is not a political party, but a church that is in the business of teaching and preaching the Gospel, and not in the pursuit of personal enrichment, personal glory, personal power, personal political power, political advantage, personal advancement, personal social status, personal self-promotion, personal personal personal gain, or personal gain for the sake of self-aggrandizement or self-satisfaction,” Barber wrote.

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