The Harvest Church is a small, church-like building that sits in the middle of a church garden.

The church has a large stained glass window that’s covered with a decorative mosaic.

The Harvest is a Minecraft: Minecraft mod by Minecraft creator Markus Persson.

It features a variety of features, including a Minecraft-themed garden, a full-sized stone church with a stone wall, a large and beautiful stained glass roof, a Minecraft world, and many more.

The mod also includes an optional player-made garden.

The Harvest Church in Minecraft: Mojang’s Harvest mod.

Minecraft: Minecraft player-built farm mod.

A church-themed building in Minecraft, with stained glass windows and a large stone wall.

Minecraft: The Minecraft mod features a full and beautiful stone church that houses a Minecraft farm.

The Minecraft player’s house, with a Minecraft server running.

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