You can make the church liveable, if you are willing to give it a little soul.

It’s the thing that makes your congregation, your community, your church alive, in Christ.

The thing is, there are many, many churches around the world that do not have the opportunity to live this way.

For some, it’s simply not an option.

For others, it is a spiritual necessity.

For others, there is no living word for the whole world to hear.

I, for one, am in the latter camp.

In the first year of my ministry, I began to hear a lot of things about living words, and it’s a process of learning, discovery, and discovery.

I’ve been learning and discovering the joys and challenges of the living words I practice and what they can teach us about the living.

The living word is not only an art form, it also is a tool to heal people of their broken lives.

It is a way to connect people who have lost a loved one to their loved ones, a way for them to share a life with their friends and loved ones and a way, through the power of the Living Word, to heal themselves.

Living words are a way of living, an art that helps us to live, and a means of healing.

They are also a means to change our own lives.

It’s a journey of discovery, of learning.

We are in a time when so much is being written, and I believe that living words are an essential part of that process.

To become a living word, one must first be a good listener.

Living words are not just words.

They do not only have to be spoken; they have to happen.

People who can become a good listening listener are the ones who will become a part of the life of the church.

A good listener is someone who is able to listen to someone else without judgment or prejudice.

I am a good and faithful listener.

I listen for the love and love of Christ, and the joy of the gospel.

I do not judge or take offense when a person or thing is not living the way I want it to be.

When I hear a person say something that is not in keeping with my faith, I don’t judge or object.

It just means I want to know more about that person.

I want my ears to hear something new and different and better.

The more we learn, the better we are able to communicate our message.

Living word is an art, and people can learn to be good listeners.

When we can learn, then the church becomes a more beautiful place.

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