How to Get a Walking Dead Sign at a Walt Disney World Park or Resorts Resort?

You’ll need to have a permit to get one.

Disney Parks and Resorts requires you to obtain a permit and the sign must be in place by 10 a.m. on a day when there are no scheduled attractions.

It’s a $100 application fee and a $50 renewal fee.

Disney has also made it easy to obtain one by emailing Disney Parks at [email protected]

Disney says the sign will be located at the Magic Kingdom Park entrance and will be visible for the entire park, including select restaurants and cafes, shops and attractions.

The sign will then be installed on the walkway outside the park, where guests can enter and exit through the sign and sign.

A Disney spokesperson says it is not possible to install the sign on a walkway because the walkways are not designed to be walkways.

You can get a “Walking, Dead” sign for $50.

Disney’s website also lists the following parks with the required sign: Disneyland, Epcot, Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, Epinephrine, Hollywood Studios, Tomorrowland, Animal Kingdom, Disney Cruise Line, DisneySea, and Universal Studios.

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