There are thousands of songwriters on the internet, but few have ever made it into a bible.

One that stands out from the crowd is one by Irish singer-songwriter John Macarthur, who was born in the town of Gulls.

The lyrics to his hit song “I’m Gull” are a little different to most others.

In fact, Macarhur’s lyrics have been dubbed the bible by many because they are so original.

His song “The Gospel of John Macaulthur” was originally written in 1949 and recorded as a demo at the Gull’s Church in Derry, before it was taken up by the Irish band The Gull, who had played at the church before.

It is the first gospel song to have a recorded hit in Ireland.

“I’ll tell you what, I love it because it’s got a good hook and it’s a good tune,” said John Macarthurs father, John, a pastor at the Irish church.

“I think there are many songs like it, it’s very easy to write.

And it’s catchy.

I can sing it myself, but I think the only way it could be popular is if people sing it to their friends.””

I’ve been told by some people that it’s the most popular song in the world,” he added.

John Macarthurs song is also a bible in the sense that it is not only a gospel song but also a bingo tune.

The words “I am a Gull”, “I’ve heard your song, I’m a Gullah”, “Gull’s Chicken” and “I believe you” are written in the words of a Golliwog, the native Irish bird that is the ancestor of all other birds.

Macarthur’s lyrics are also a little more than a song, as he is known for being a singer-writer.

He is credited with the creation of many songs, including “Boys and Girls” and other Irish pop songs.

“John Macarthur is a very accomplished songwriter.

But, when I hear him say he’s a songwriter I think he’s singing in a very traditional way,” said his friend, Joe Macarthus, a local musician.”

He’s got his own style, but there are other songs that have a bit more depth, and they all have that Gull-like quality.”

The Gospel song, “The gospel song of John macarthur”, was first recorded in 1949 at the Dublin Cathedral, then recorded in the late 1950s by The Gollwog.

John said he is proud of his song and has recorded it a number of times since.

“It was the first one I ever wrote,” he said.

“The church sings it when they sing the hymns in church, and it was one of the first things that was put in there.”

The hymnes were the most important things that we were doing, and so we were writing them with all our fingers.

But they’re all just words that we’d sing into our own mouths.

“The church organist, who is now 95, remembers singing the song to his congregation at Gull on the first Sunday in April 1954.”

Every Sunday they’d sing the Gollwygg, and every Sunday the Gollygills would sing ‘The Gospel’, and we’d hear the first notes of the songs. “

Then the church organ started playing and we heard the first note, and we just couldn’t believe it.”

Every Sunday they’d sing the Gollwygg, and every Sunday the Gollygills would sing ‘The Gospel’, and we’d hear the first notes of the songs.

We were really blown away.””

It is about a very real feeling that you get when you go to church.”

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