It was originally called the Mount Everest Church but is now the Everest Church.

It’s one of the largest churches in the world.

It was founded by the Anglican Church in 1959 and has been used as a Christian community centre since.

It is now in a new building in London.

In 2018, the church hosted its 150th anniversary.

It has more than 7,500 members and is run by the Episcopal Diocese of South Africa.

The church’s pastor, Reverend Stephen Wilson, was born in Johannesburg in 1931.

He said the church was founded for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and serving as a place where people of all races, creeds, and colours can come together to learn and to grow spiritually.

He described the church as a church of love and hope.

“This is not a church for the masses.

This is a church where you can get together for fellowship and learning.

The people who live in the church, we have a mission to serve them,” he said.

“The Gospel is very much alive and it is not being taken away from them.

It goes back to the earliest times of Christ.”

The church’s motto is: “We Love each other, we are one family.

We love each other and we are together”.

We are one, we’re one family, Wilson said.

The Elevation Church was established in 1959, at the height of apartheid in South Africa and was one of three churches to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The other two churches, the Evangelical Church in Pretoria and the Evangelistic Church of God in New Zealand, are also listed as historic landmarks.

Wilson said the elevation is a place for those who “wanted to go to the holy places of the world, but who were not able to go”.

“The church has been a place of prayer, of worship and of spiritual development, which is not necessarily the case for many people,” he added.

That’s how the church is here.” “

When you come to the church there is always a place, a place in the sky where you are welcome to meet people and to be with people.

That’s how the church is here.”

You can watch the documentary on the Elevation website.

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