A tornado ripped through St Marks church in Oklahoma City, tearing apart the church and the windows.

The tornado ripped a section of the church off the wall, leaving a hole through the middle of the sanctuary.

The damage to the sanctuary was estimated at $250,000.

The church is still standing but the walls have been damaged and a large hole has been cut in the center of the building, according to a news release from the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The building is on the ground floor of a church and is not on the top floor, so it was difficult to see what was inside, the news release said.

St Mark has been in business since 1893.

In August, it was vandalized, and it was taken to a safe house for repairs, the church said.

The congregation has started a fund for the damage, and donations can be made to St Mark.

The Oklahoma City chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said they were also in need of help.

“We are praying for our community and for the St. Marks community and that our city can help with some of the repairs to the building,” NACAP President Johnathan Hanks said in a news conference.

The storm damaged the roof and windows of the chapel, which is on a side street between St Mark and the church.

The roof was knocked off and windows were blown out, the Oklahoman reported.

The tornadoes caused about $300,000 in damage, the newspaper said.

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