A former sanctuary church in Dublin that was once a popular gathering place for Irish Catholics has been cordoned off after being found to be in danger of falling into the hands of terrorists.

The church was built in 1922 and had been used by the Church of the Holy Trinity for some time.

The Central Church was set up by John St Marks in 1922 as the parish of St Michael, a former priest who had died during the Irish Civil War.

It was taken over by the Sisters of Charity in 1973 and became the Catholic Church of St James and St Peter.

The Sisters of Hope have been running it ever since.

A small contingent of Catholic worshippers were allowed into the church on Sunday and they were allowed to have a chat.

However, after the chat, the security guards moved in and shut the door.

The Church was moved in as part of a wider plan to reduce the number of Catholics in the area and in recent years has become the location of numerous terrorist attacks and bombings.

The building was moved to the centre of the church grounds and security guards were allowed in the building to check on it.

The Irish National Museum has said it was moved from the church to the sanctuary, where there are now more than 200 worshippers.

The nuns have been in the sanctuary since the late 1980s, and have been living there since 2001.

They say they are now on their own.

The Catholic Church has been a safe haven for Irish Catholic nuns since the 1970s.

The sanctuary is now a tourist attraction with visitors from around the world.

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