A group of Bible-believing Orthodox Christians in Greece are living their life online in a way that many Christians would never dare do.

Joel Owen Church is one of the un-official Unitarian Universalist churches in Greece.

They claim to have a community of believers, and many congregants live in the streets of Athens.

They even have a website that provides basic information on how to live as a Christian in Greece, including where you can buy a bible.

But this isn’t the norm for many of these churches.

For one thing, most of their congregants are not allowed to have contact with the outside world, and the churches’ website is not updated frequently.

And many congregations don’t offer the Bible.

Joels church was founded in 2001 by a group from South Africa, which is one part of the African continent that borders Greece.

The church’s founders, Joel and Joanne Owen, met in a refugee camp, and they started their own bible study group in their home country.

But the Owen’s grew to include about 100 members.

Their goal was to build a Bible study group, and soon the group became an international one.

And so, in 2007, the church set up a website.

Joes church now has a website with more than 4,000 members, including about 100 congregants.

They are known as the Living Word church online.

It has a mission to teach the Bible in the world.

Their website includes a page on the Greek word for Bible: kontaktikon.

There, the couple of people behind the website, Jojo and Joanna Owen, write that they are not trying to be a “bible study group” and that they simply want to “show the Bible to the world.”

“We don’t think of the bible as a book,” Jojo Owen said.

“It’s a living, breathing word that we want to share with people.

It’s a language that we use to speak.””

The Bible is the universal language of humanity.

So we want people to understand it,” she added.

The website is also designed to teach people about how to interpret it, including how to learn it from Scripture.

The site also includes resources on how people can find information about the Bible online.

For example, on their homepage, the site lists some Bible verses from the Bible that they say are very important for their lives.

It also includes a short guide on how one can interpret some of these verses.

The Owen’s also include an online translation of a verse from the Greek New Testament that they believe was written by Jesus Christ.

The Living Word website is open to the public, and people can share their thoughts and opinions on their site.

But they also ask that they don’t use the website for political purposes.

For instance, they ask people to not “take advantage of the site to promote any political agenda, including any that are against the church.”

They also ask people not to post the names of their churches, even if they want to use the name.

They also say that anyone can use their website to spread the word, but that only those who want to do so should be able to do that.

The Owen’s believe that their site will encourage people to share their lives and the lives of others with the church.

They also want people not only to be aware of the Bible, but to be informed about it.

They say that people should not use the site as a means to proselytize or incite people to change their views.

“The church is not a place for preaching, preaching is not our mission,” Joel Owen said in a statement.

“We encourage people not be political or to use church as a tool to spread their political agenda.”

“People should not try to convert others, but should be aware that people who use church are trying to do the opposite of what they preach.”

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