Kenosham, Wis.

— Ald.

Matt Strawn said no “fear” would come to him from the gay community about his support of gay marriage in Kenomans First Church, according to a news release Wednesday.

The Kenomaskan Democrat also said he believes same-sex couples have a “right to marry.”

Strawn has long stood against same-gender marriage, but he said his position is now “just as strong as ever.”

Stross was elected Kenoshean’s first openly gay mayor in November 2014.

He said he was “disappointed” with Gov.

Scott Walker’s move to repeal Wisconsin’s same-day voter registration law that protects the right of same-class voters to vote, but supports its repeal.

The state’s Supreme Court struck down the law in February, and Walker has said he would not appeal.

In January, Strawn led the unsuccessful bid to restore a state law that requires the state to issue same-Day Registration cards to all Wisconsin residents by June 30.

That bill would have allowed gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens to register to vote during the early voting period.

Strawn and others have been vocal opponents of the law, saying it is discriminatory and has hurt the state’s ability to register and vote.

The bill passed the state Senate in March but failed in the Assembly.

The Assembly on Monday rejected Strawn’s bill.

He is now expected to introduce his own legislation next week.

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