Posted by reddit community contributor carybob on December 17, 2018 10:08:10 I’m a newbie to reddit and my first purchase was from the thrift store.

I was hesitant to pay more because I thought it was too expensive for what I was trying to accomplish.

My husband and I are very conservative with our spending.

He’s not a big fan of spending, so I figured it was best to just do it as we go along.

This way, I’m not putting my faith in a credit card that I don’t understand.

The first time I used the card I was surprised by the high interest rate because I had been using it for about three months.

I thought the rate was high because of the fees I was paying, but it was actually much lower than I thought.

I tried to pay the full amount of the card within a week of opening it, but the transaction took longer than I expected because of fees.

I contacted them to see if I could get an expedited process.

They were able to give me a better rate, but I was still surprised.

The second time I opened the card, I had a good experience.

I had the full purchase history, and my husband and kids could see the transactions and I had to pay them.

I didn’t realize the $60 purchase limit that was applied to the card until after opening the account, so it was a little easier to pay.

The third time I closed it, I did not have the money, and I thought I was wasting money.

But I was wrong.

The next time I had money to spare, I decided to close it because I knew that it was going to be too late to save it.

I realized that it had been a waste of time and money, so after opening it again, I made it up to the $100 limit, which I was very happy about.

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