I love my church, the People of Concord.

It has made me feel loved and welcomed in my own country, and I want my children to be able to continue to grow up in a place of faith.

I have not always been a convert.

I am not an evangelical, but I believe the gospel is a message that can be shared and received in many ways, and my kids will be well served by the gospel in this country.

I know I am still a young man, and the way I see the world today, I see many more people living in poverty.

I want our children to grow in faith, and in a country where faith is still not a universal language, it is not something we are expected to feel at home in.

I believe our children will be better served by our churches.

I can only hope that this conversation is one of the few that is able to take place that allows all people to hear the gospel and know what it means to be a part of the American people.

We need a conversation about the church, and we need a discussion about faith.

In our community, the church has been a part the fabric of the community, and now I am hoping that the community can take the gospel to a new level.

My hope is that when this conversation happens, the community will embrace the Gospel and embrace each other as well.

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