It’s an old story, but the Trinity Lutheran Church in Oklahoma has been trying to make up for lost time.

The church has decided to take a different path.

The church’s newest move comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by a local woman, who alleges that her husband was molested when he was a teenager by the church’s president, a woman named Mary L. Hodge.

Hickey is the president of Trinity Lutheran, the nation’s largest Lutheran church.

In court documents, Hodge said she was molesting her husband in 1995, when he wasn’t in church and his mother was home from work.

She said that after the abuse began, she made the confession to police and was arrested.

In her complaint, Hickey said her husband’s father “was very supportive and very much involved in the church.”

The church has refused to respond to any of the allegations made in Hickey’s lawsuit, saying that its policies prohibit sexual abuse of children.

Trinity Lutheran is a Lutheran denomination that is a part of the United Methodist Church.

According to the complaint, the church also has a “pattern of sexual abuse,” which the church denies.

According to a statement on the church website, the organization has been “fully cooperating” with the investigation and that it is “committed to helping those who are impacted by these events to heal.”

According to Hodge’s lawsuit filed against Trinity Lutheran in Oklahoma, she alleges that Hodge, a mother of three children, “engaged in sexual relations with her husband.”

The lawsuit says that the church was “instrumental in her husband becoming sexually abused by Hodge as a teenager, when Hodge was the president, as well as her involvement in her father’s abuse by her husband and her mother, as she had a history of abuse herself.”

“The allegations against Hodge in this case were so numerous that they were a full-blown, systemic, pervasive abuse of the church,” the statement says.

“Hodge abused her husband with her sexual advances, physical assault, and the attempted rape of her by her mother and father.”

Hodge said that her lawsuit against the church has not gone anywhere because she and her family are not “failing.”

She said she has been able to get a lawyer and that her attorney, John L. Williams, has been working to “get answers” about Hodge and the church.

According the church, it is not clear how many people are involved in Hodges lawsuit, but it has been filed in federal court in Oklahoma City.

In an email to The Associated Press, Trinity Lutheran said it was not aware of any allegations made by anyone in the denomination.

The Associated Press was unable to reach Trinity Lutheran officials for comment.

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