Here’s a new Facebook status update from the Secret Society: You can now find them.

The Secret Society, or SOCs, are a group of men who use their Facebook status updates to advertise their sexual interests.

Their “likes” are often accompanied by a picture of their penis and a description of their lifestyle.

Their page boasts more than 1.4 million likes, but the number of “liking” posts has dwindled to just 400 in the last year.

According to BuzzFeed, the Secret Societies members mostly have low-level Facebook accounts with “only a few thousand followers.”

They often use fake profiles to promote their business, which is usually their escort services.

In the past, the groups members have posted videos of themselves having sex, or at least some videos of men performing sexual acts.

Now, it appears that these videos are being shared by more than one person.

The Daily Beast reported last year that one member, who goes by the name of “DarthVader,” had posted a video titled “Porn-star-style porn.”

In the video, he is seen masturbating in front of a camera.

He was banned from the group after BuzzFeed reported on the video.

The group has also posted videos featuring members being beaten up.

One of the group’s members told BuzzFeed that he was beaten up in March after he posted a pornographic video to his status.

“They beat me and they put my shirt on,” he said.

Another member said that he had been beaten up after he criticized the group.

“I thought they were just a bunch of losers,” he told BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed reported that one of the Secret Socialites was filmed punching another member in the face and breaking his glasses during an argument.

“There were people who were beating me up and throwing rocks at me,” he later told BuzzFeed, explaining that he didn’t believe the members would retaliate.

He later added that he “did not see any of the people hitting me.”

BuzzFeed reported this week that the Secret SOCs members are not just posting videos to their status, but they are also posting photos of themselves.

BuzzFeed described the photos as “sexual encounters.”

The Secret Socs members claim to have a “secret society” and have posted photos of their genitals to their social media pages, including photos of the “loved ones” they claim to be dating.

The photos often feature the members with their penises out in public.

BuzzFeed also reported that members of the Facebook group have also posted naked photos of women, including some of the women who allegedly were assaulted by the members.

BuzzFeed noted that the photos were often accompanied with the caption “I’m going to give my lover my love.

They’ll be there for me.”

“If you’re not a member of the society, you don’t have to be a member,” a member told BuzzFeed in an email.

“But if you are a member, please be aware of how to respond.”

BuzzFeed also noted that members were often filmed in the act of having sex with one another.

BuzzFeed wrote that members would often “make it clear they were not interested in having sex.”

BuzzFeed noted another Facebook status from the secret society, where a member was filmed masturbating with a woman.

“The member had been in a relationship with this woman for a year,” the post reads.

“He had previously shown her his penis in photos and videos, and the video was shared by other members of his secret society.”

A member told the site that the video showed the members having sex “with their penis in their pants.”

BuzzFeed added that the members of Facebook’s secret society were also known for posting nude photos of each other.

BuzzFeed said that the videos posted by the Secret Socions “were often accompanied in the posts by sexually explicit language and a series of images depicting the members engaging in sexual activity with other members.”

BuzzFeed said the Secret Facebooks members often had their faces blurred and were “unclear about whether the videos were staged or not.”

BuzzFeed has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Facebook declined to comment.

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