As the year of the cross approaches, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how we as Christians might use this year to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

Here are some suggestions on how to make a new Christian flag.


Make your own.

“I just think it’s really important to give people the opportunity to make their own,” said Michael Richey, a senior pastor in the First Baptist Church of St. John in Chicago.

“You can use whatever colors you want, but it has to be in a way that people will enjoy it.”

The Rev. Riche, a former pastor of the New Apostolic Reformation, said his church has been a leader in making flags of various designs and sizes for the last three years.

“What we try to do is take what we see in our congregations and then create something that we think will be very appropriate for people who don’t know any other way to make it.”


Find a good design.

“If you have a good idea of what you want it to look like, then you can really go off of the top of your head and come up with something that people are going to enjoy,” Riche said.

“The one thing I don’t like is the designs that come in the marketplace that aren’t Christian.”

The most popular Christian flag is the one that is made by the Rev. John C. Bennett, a pastor at The Holy Family Church in Lake Forest, Illinois.

He said he uses the “Apostle’s Star” as a model for designing his flags.

But it has a different design than the one featured in the book of Revelation.

“It’s really a cross,” Bennett said.

The “Avenger” flag is a Christian flag that uses an inverted sunburst pattern, while the “Angel’s Wings” flag uses a cross that has a sunburst design on the top.

“This crosses over with the design of the Book of Revelation, which is a great way to represent Christ,” Bennett explained.


Create something you can display.

Bennett said he’s especially excited about how people will be able to use the flags of their churches to honor others in their lives.

“They can use it to honor family members, friends, pastors, or whatever they might have, so they can see how they can honor their neighbor or whoever,” he said.


Decorate them.

“For a long time, we just wanted people to come to the church and be present in the sanctuary, and this year I think people are starting to really appreciate the service of the minister, the worship service, and how they’re able to have a more spiritual presence in the community,” Bennett added.

“And they’re starting to see the light of the gospel in people’s lives.”

The church of the Holy Family is also starting to offer more traditional Christian flags, like the one with the cross.

But as the years go on, he said he wants to see more flags that represent the faith, like one made by Rev. Michael R. Bennett.


Get creative.

“We wanted to make sure that people had the opportunity for this to be a very special event for their family,” Bennett continued.

“People should feel free to create whatever they want.

But just make sure it has something to do with the service that they’re providing and something that they enjoy, like that cross.

And make sure you’re not just doing something out of tradition, but out of a true love of God.”

A lot of the flags featured in this year’s flag competition are just an idea.

The Rev’s Star flag, for example, is a cross-shaped star that is a mix of red and blue.

“But for a variety of reasons, we decided to try to include the word ‘Apostles’ instead of ‘Star,'” Bennett said, “so it was actually a more Christian design.”

The cross-shape of the “angel’s wings” flag, however, is an idea that has been around for a long, long time.

“That is a symbol that’s associated with Jesus Christ, and it’s something that is very important to us,” he added.


Have a big party.

The first Christian flag contest was held in 2002 and featured more than 2,000 entries.

“In 2002, we had about 15,000 people participate,” Bennett told

“There was so much passion and so much excitement.

We have a lot of great flags coming out this year that we’re really excited about.

But we want people to have an opportunity to participate and have a party to celebrate Christmas.”

That’s something Bennett is looking forward to for his church.

“My hope is that people can celebrate Christmas in their homes, to bring Christmas into the home of their family members.

I think it would be really wonderful.”

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