When the church that once belonged to Lutherans was founded in 1778, the founders envisioned a new church in Lake Pointe, Florida, which is just a few miles north of Lake St. Lucie, a city that once housed the first Lutherian church.

The original Lake Pointa Baptist Church in Lake St Lucie was built in 1783, according to the Church History website.

The Lake Point baptist and the church in St. John’s, both founded in the early 19th century, are both located within two miles of each other.

Lake Point church, the oldest in the state, is now the only one of the six original Lutherians churches still standing.

The other two, Bethel and St. Augustine, are located in the St. Johns, which includes a large population of Lutheranism’s descendants.

“The St. Paul Baptist Church and Lake Point Baptist Church are both the oldest churches in Florida, and they were the only two churches in the State of Florida that actually operated as churches, the churches,” said Bob Johnson, the founder of Lake Point Church and a former state senator who has been vocal in his opposition to the creation of the Lake Point City-County line.

“They have never been able to make a church.

We have a history of trying to make it work.

And now we are seeing the church collapse.”

Lake Point was built as the city of St. Thomas, which included the historic St. Luke’s church, was being rebuilt in the late 1800s.

The city of Lake Mary, which has been home to the church since 1818, is located about an hour south of Lake Saint Lucie and about two hours north of the historic Lake Point.

Lake St John’s church was built about two years after Lake Point in the city’s east part.

“In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there was a lot of controversy and hostility toward Lutherans in the area,” Johnson said.

“It was a very hostile environment for them.

It was also a very small community, and it was very poor.

The local church was only about 50 members.”

In recent years, a small community of Protestant ministers called the St Paul Baptist Union has taken over the local church.

But even the St Johns and the Lake points, which were once neighbors, have lost a significant portion of their membership.

“There is a very large number of people in Lake points who are very active and involved in their local community,” Johnson explained.

“So when people see the church go, they feel very disheartened.”

It’s not clear what prompted the decision to close the Lake Points church.

“At this time, we don’t have any specifics on that,” Johnson added.

“But we’re going to be working with them to try to find some new space in order to do what they’re doing.

But we’re not going to close our doors to them.”

Johnson has been the mayor of Lake County since 2001, and he has become a vocal opponent of the creation or expansion of the St Joseph church.

LakePoint, located in Lakeland, is one of six original churches in Lake County.

It has been closed since November 2019.

In response to Johnson’s criticism, the city-county line, which runs from Lake Point to St. Joseph, was designed by architect James A. Davis, who also designed the Lake St Joseph City-countys church.

Johnson, however, says the city has not followed through on Davis’ design.

“We have not even been notified of his designs,” Johnson told Fox News.

“As far as the church is concerned, it is not the building that has been torn down.”

Davis is a prominent architect in the Southern Baptist Convention, which he heads.

His design was awarded a $25,000 National Medal of Arts in 2017.

The church that formerly stood on the site of LakePoint was torn down in September 2018 after years of planning and community opposition.

“He did a great job,” Johnson pointed out.

“And then he just decided to tear it down.

There’s no reason to tear down it.’ “

People said, ‘It’s a beautiful church.

There’s no reason to tear down it.’

And then the city council came up with a solution.

They’re taking it down now.”

The city council voted to approve a plan to remove the church, but Johnson says he will continue to fight.

“If they are taking this down, it’s the city that should be in charge of the church,” he said.

St. Martin’s church in North Miami, Florida is the only church remaining on the old Lake Point line.

It opened in 1927, after a former Lighthouse Baptist Church was demolished to make way for the Miami-Dade County Airport.

It is home to some 30 members of the Baptist Church of America,

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