Prestonwood Baptist Church in North Carolina has a new face in its name.

The new name is Prestonwood Baptists Church of the Incarnate Word, and it’s part of a change to the church’s identity that was announced by pastor John C. Campbell, according to a press release from the church.

“The Incarnate Faith was established in the 1950s by the Baptist and Presbyterian Churches to minister to the needs of the African American community and to help the growing number of people who had come to faith in Jesus Christ,” the release reads.

“We were not originally called Baptist or Presbyterian, but we were called to serve as ambassadors of God’s Word to those who came to know Him.

We believe that the word of God is God’s only message to the world.”

The baptismal change came after the Rev. John Campbell Sr. died last year.

The Rev. Campbell Sr.’s daughter, Mary, was appointed to the new role.

“She will lead a ministry of faith and love that brings to life our rich history and the rich history of our community,” Rev. C.B. Campbell said in a press conference.

The baptism of the church comes on the heels of another baptism in the South Carolina church, in the town of Fort Worth.

The Rev. David Williams, pastor of Fortworth Baptist Church, announced earlier this month that the church was changing its name from the “Fulton Baptist Church” to “Fort Worth Baptist.”

The church in Fort Worth has long had a name problem.

Last year, it was sued by a group of pastors who say it is offensive to Black people.

A group of black pastors from across the South sued the Fort Worth Baptist Church for trademarking their name in 2016.

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