Hacker News has a list of all the major Christian denominations, which you can read here.

The list was compiled by user hl0r0, and it is a great way to keep tabs on how much churches are really worth.

Here is the full list:1.

Episcopal Church, US, US$3,100.00 2.

Presbyterian Church, UK, UK$3.834 3.

Anglican Church, USA, US $3.734 4.

Church of God in Christ, Germany, Germany$3;836 5.

United Methodist Church, United States $3,700 6.

Baptist Convention of the USA, USA $3;700 7.

Church in Christ of Latter-day Saints, USA$3 8.

Christian Church, Canada, Canada$3 9.

United Church of Christ, US ($3,800)10.

Baptist Association of North America, USA ($3;500)11.

Church, Presbyterian Church in America, US($3;350)12.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America ($3)13.

Baptist Churches of North and South America, Brazil$314.

Evangelicals United Church, North America$315.

Methodist Episcopal Church of North Carolina, US(USA$3)16.

Baptist Fellowship of the Kingdom of God, US (USA$4,000)17.

United Way of South Florida, US (£4,300)18.

Presbyterian Fellowship of Central Florida, Florida$4;60019.

The Presbyterian Church (USA)USA$6,80020.

Presbyterian United Church in Canada, CAN($7,600)21.

Church and Society, United Kingdom($7;700)22.

The United Methodist Fellowship, UK ($7;500-900)23.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, USA($7-1000)24.

Church World Service, USA£8,80025.

United Churches of America,USA£8;80026.

Evangelistic Fellowship, USA(USA£9,500)27.

Fellowship of Southern Baptists, USA £9;80028.

Church United in Christ USA, UK£10,00029.

The Episcopal Church USA, United State$10,60030.

Church International USA, North and Central America$10;80031.

Baptist Bible Church USA($11,500-1000)/Christian Ministry Church, India$1032.

Baptist International United States, United Sates$1033.

Church at Christ Church, China$1034.

Church for Christ, South America$12,00035.

The World Meeting of Families USA, South Africa$12;70036.

The Christian Community Church, Australia$1237.

Christian United Methodist Churches, South Australia$13,20038.

Baptist Covenant Church USA$15,80039.

Church Univeristy USA, Canada($15;900)40.

The National Association of Evangelicals USA, Mexico$15;20041.

Evangelic United Methodist Conference, United Statues$1542.

United Evangelical Church USA ($17,400)43.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints USA, Texas($20,000-300,000/$30,000-$50,000,000)/United Church of Great Britain ($25,000+)44.

The Evangelical Fellowship USA, Ireland$25;20045.

Evangelically Christian Church USA/Church of God USA, Florida($30,500-$400,000;£500-$700,000)+£100,00046.

The Kingdom of Christ USA/Christian Fellowship USA/International Church of America USA ($50,500+);£500-1,000,-600,-750,-800,-900,-1200,-1500,-2000,3000,-4000,5000,6000,700,800,-950,-1,200,800,1000,2000,4000,7000,1000+£150,00047.

Church Unity Church USA/$100,80048.

Church Church USA(US$300-$600);£700-$1,600,-500,-750,1000,-1M,1M+/$150,50049.

Church Covenant USA/Catholic Church USA;$1,400-$2,50050.

Presbyterian Presbyterian Church USA USA$1M-$1.5M51.

The Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian FellowshipUSA$2M-$2.5 million52.

Presbyterian Covenant USAUSA$1.75M-$3M53.

Church Fellowship USAUSA/$3M-$4M54.

The Reformed Baptist USA/$4M-$5M55.

Church Christian ChurchUSAUSA$5M-$6M56.

Presbyterian InternationalUSAUSAUSA($7M-$8M57.

Church on Earth USA USAUSA($8M-$10M58.

The Southern Baptist Convention USAUSAUSA-$10;1M$1 million59.

The International Baptist Church USAUSA ($12M-$14M;£200 million)60.

The American

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