The Grace Baptist Church is leaving the former Cottonwood Church in Cottonwood, Georgia.

Grace was founded in 1849 by the Rev. James Cottonwood.

The church has had a long-standing commitment to the church and the surrounding area.

The new Cottonwood Baptist Church, which will be built in 2018, is part of the church’s mission.

The Cottonwood community and its churches have long been connected to each other.

In fact, the original Cottonwood Episcopal Church was built by the Cottonwoods.

In 1856, the church was founded by Rev. George B. Cottonwood Sr. as a church for the poor and homeless.

A few years later, the Cotton Woods built a new church.

Cottonwoods’ congregation grew in the 1950s and 1960s.

Cottonwood Baptist has since had a strong relationship with the community.

The Cottonwoods have also had a special relationship with Grace Baptist, founded by the Reverend James Cottonwoods Sr. in 1854.

It has been said that the CottonWoods are the family tree of Grace Baptist.

The Cottonwoods and Grace Baptist have remained close and continue to be a part of each other’s lives.

In 2012, the Revs.

James and Mary Cottonwoods established a mission to rebuild a new Cottonwoods Baptist Church in Georgia.

The Revs’ vision was to build a church that would be the home for the church for generations to come.

In 2017, the first Baptist church was built in the Cottonywood neighborhood.

The first church was also named after the Rev, James Cottonwests father.

At the time, the mission was announced, there were concerns that Grace Baptist would be too close to Cottonwoods family.

A year later, in February 2018, the new CottonWood Baptist Church was named for James Cottonywoods, the pastor of the Cottonies.

According to the Rev’s daughter, Grace, the building that Grace was hoping for has been constructed.

Grace Baptist is the only Grace Baptist church to be built on property owned by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

After decades of building churches, the Grace Baptist mission has been forced to close and is in the process of leaving.

In the past, the Georgia Baptist Convention has also announced that it would not be accepting any new churches after 2020.

The convention, which is led by Revs Cottonwoods, is the largest Christian denomination in Georgia and was founded to build the church of the gospel and to serve its members.

The Georgia Baptist Conference has been working on building a new Georgia Baptist church in the hopes of eventually building one for the Cotton Woods.

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