A new church opened its doors in downtown Winnipeg last week.

But it’s not the first church to open in the city.

It’s a different story altogether.

For more than a decade, churches have been popping up all over Canada.

But the first one in Winnipeg was a church that was built on a site in the Old West.

This church was the first in Winnipeg to be a church.

It opened its gates on September 18, 1920.

And that was a big moment in Winnipeg history.

Today, it’s home to more than 200 people and a few hundred families.

This week, it opened its first service.

It was held in the church’s new, modernist building, where the church was named.

The new church has been the focus of a community conversation.

“I think that’s why people have been kind of open and honest with me,” said Pastor Greg Gaudreau.

Pastor Greg is one of the new faces of the Old Faithful, a group of Christians who live in Winnipeg.

He’s also one of many who are excited to open a church in the community.

The Old Faithfull say that in Winnipeg, we have a lot of opportunities to be active in the local community.

But that’s not what they’re looking for.

“We are looking for a place that’s welcoming to people, and that is the church that’s going to be built here in Winnipeg,” Pastor Gauderson said.

Pastor Gudreau is one in a growing number of people who say they are excited about the church they’re building.

It is the new beginnings for the city of Winnipeg.

“It’s an opportunity to bring a church back here to our community, and we feel that we have the capability to do that,” Pastor Greg said.

The church is also expected to be the first place people can worship.

It could be the only place for people to pray together.

This new church is part of the city’s ongoing effort to re-open the old West End.

There are currently about 100 churches in Winnipeg and about 70 percent of them are church-owned.

The city of downtown Winnipeg is planning to open more churches in the future.

Pastor Gregory said they’re already planning to renovate more of the historic building.

He hopes to start the process of renovating the old church this summer.

He said the church could open as soon as next year.

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