The Grace Baptist Community Church in South Hillsong, Victoria, has confirmed the death in May of its pastor, Rev. Grace Grace Baptist.

The Hillsong Church in nearby Melbourne was one of the churches affected by the flooding.

Dr. Grace Baptist, 88, who has been pastor of the Hillsong Community Church for nearly 40 years, died at home on May 16.

The church was devastated by the floods.

“Grace’s love for the church and its members was unmatched,” the Hillsongsa Pastor’s Facebook post said.

Hillsong was flooded after the arrival of the Red Cross.

Mr. Baptist was one the many members of the church who were unable to return to their homes.

Grace Baptist was also a mentor of children and youth and was an advocate for young people.

His children have expressed sadness over his passing, as well as grief and frustration over the community’s inability to rebuild.

In a statement released by the Hillsonsa Pastor, the church said: “Our prayers go out to his family and friends, who have been devastated by his passing.

We will always be grateful for the love and support we received from all those who have shared in his life.

Our hearts go out with him and his family at this difficult time.”

The Hillsong church’s website says that Grace Baptist “taught his flock that a person is a gift, a person should be loved, and that God loves all of us, regardless of our background, color, creed, or sexuality”.

In his own statement, Mr. Baptist, who had been the pastor of Hillsong since the early 1990s, said that the Hillsocks were able to “return to a state of normalcy”.

“We have seen the world around us transformed, and our hearts are filled with gratitude for that,” he said.

“Grace had his fair share of tribulations, but his love for his church and the Hillsock community is one that we will never forget.

I pray for you, my dear people of Hillsongs, that you will continue to see God and others as you strive for the happiness of your own life.”

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