As the game ticked away, Grace Church members were left to their own devices to watch the final moments unfold.

“I can’t tell you what it was like.

I mean, the entire building was just crying.

We were just crying and laughing, and it was amazing,” said David Haggerty, a church member.

“And then it was just kind of a quiet moment and you just kind to calm down and move on and move past it.”

The game was stopped in the second period for a penalty on Andrew MacDonald, and that led to an 11-2 deficit for the St. Louis Blues.

The crowd was mostly in awe of their players, but the Blues had a few questions about the officiating that they wanted answered.

Bosco said he didn’t know the cause of the penalty, but that he felt the penalty was warranted because MacDonald was skating into the crease and wasn’t able to clear it.

“The fact that he’s not clearing it, it seems to me it should be a penalty and I think the officials should have stopped it,” said Bosco.

“But that’s the way it works, it’s the rules of hockey, it goes on.

I don’t think they did a good job, but I’m happy with the way the refs did their job.”

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