Living Waters, a congregation of people living in Scotland’s Great Ormond Street, has welcomed a new visitor for a few days with open arms.

The Scottish Church of England is opening the church to the wider public for a day on Friday to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

A group of 100-150 people are expected to gather at the church’s St Mary’s Hall to celebrate the churchs 70th birthday.

St John Maclean, president of the Living Waters Society, said: “We’re delighted to welcome this special visitor to celebrate what we believe is our greatest achievement of the last 70 years.”

I think it’s a great day for us as the society.

We’ve been in Glasgow for a very long time and it is a great opportunity for the congregation to celebrate our legacy and to get back to what is really special in our community.

“We hope it brings back memories for people and I think it will bring joy for people who have been with us for a long time.”

The weather is always an issue, but we hope that people will come back and come back with the same enthusiasm they had for us when we opened.

“The congregation has about 50 members and it had a population of about 100 when the building was built in the 1890s.

It opened in 1890 and became the first church in Scotland to be converted to an outdoor venue, allowing it to host live music and entertainers.

Its mission was to educate and inspire.

The Living Waters group’s activities include providing services in churches, community centres, churches, schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

The organisation has been involved in numerous events across Scotland, including the Edinburgh Festival of Music, Glasgow World’s Fair and the Edinburgh World’s Days festival.

The congregation’s website says it promotes community service and “helps to build a better society”.”

We offer services which include the creation of art, music, craft, art and crafts, community activities, socialising, music therapy, counselling, food, food education, arts and culture and more,” the website said.

It also says the group aims to be an “open, respectful and inclusive community”.

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