The world’s greatest sandwich is in the shape of a church’s chicken special, which is being served to a crowd of people in the United Kingdom.

The sandwich, called the “Church’s Chicken Special,” features an assortment of chicken fingers, baked beans, bacon, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, pickles, onion rings, and bacon-wrapped jalapeños.

It is served in a plastic container with a sign on the side saying it’s a “fancy little treat,” but if you ask me, this is the best sandwich you’ll ever eat.

For those who are not familiar with the sandwich, here’s what it looks like:1.

The chicken fingers are baked on the stovetop, and then the beans are heated to about 180 degrees in the oven.2.

The beans are then wrapped in bacon strips and fried until crispy.3.

The bacon is then fried in a pan until crispy, and topped with pickles and cheese.4.

The onions rings are then grilled until crispy and served with pickle chips and lettuce.5.

The pickles are then served with lettuce, and the onions rings with pickled onions.

The chicken special will be sold at a church in the English Midlands for a price of £2.95 ($3.05).

It is sold at churches across the United States and in the rest of the UK, but it seems to have a limited run.

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