A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that the state of California will be forced to pay a $3.4 million settlement to a woman who alleged that the church in her hometown of Los Angeles abused her.

The settlement comes just days after the church filed a federal lawsuit against the city of L.A., alleging that it failed to report the abuse to authorities.

“I have never had a friend or family member abuse me and the church has not,” the victim, identified as Jane Doe, told the court in court papers filed on Friday.

“It was so bad that it caused me severe emotional distress and I cannot bear the thought of the trauma I would have had if I had known about it.”

Jane Doe filed the lawsuit in March, accusing the church of “engaging in sexual abuse” and failing to “take reasonable steps” to prevent it.

The church has said that it has never had sexual contact with the woman, and that it is cooperating with the investigation.

The lawsuit seeks $3 million in damages and unspecified attorney fees.

“The church is not a church.

The congregation does not attend services or attend services and there is no congregation in Los Angels,” the church’s attorney, Mark Fiell, told Reuters.

“We do not support the church or believe it to be an institution.”

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