Posted September 06, 2018 12:25:29Church leaders at Baysides Community Church say the Baysiders, who were once known as the “littlest church in a house with two kids” have been served up fried food by a group of outsiders who claim to be from a “world-class church.”

Church spokesperson Jim McVey says they were contacted by a couple from the world-class group of people last week.

“I’ve seen them at least once a day, they have an open spot in the front of the room, they sit down, they order food, they serve it up,” he said.

“They go around and talk to everyone in the church and the staff.

They tell us that they’re from a world-famous church.

They come in and they have a big table there, and they order up chicken, rice, bread and potatoes, all the usual things.”

The couple also come in to talk to people, and we hear that they are from the same world-ranked church that we are.

“It’s just kind of weird, to be honest,” he told ABC News.

“The kids were happy to eat.

They were happy that they were eating something from the church, and it’s just bizarre.”

We were in a bad spot, they were coming in and getting the food, and not really giving us any answers.

“Then we heard that they had a pastor coming in.

And they are really good people.

They are good people, they are just very strange.”

He said they’re also not very good at telling the staff what to do.

“There are no real directives from us, we’re just kind in shock,” he explained.

“And we’re going to need to talk with the pastor and get him on the phone to tell him exactly what to say to people.”

Church leaders are calling on the church’s leadership to hold a press conference.

“If you look at what’s happening, it’s kind of a shock, it feels like an earthquake,” said McVee.

The Baysider community, located in the Bremner Lakes area of B.C., has had the church since it was founded in the 1960s.

“They’ve been a wonderful, wonderful, great family,” said Jim McVeigh.

The congregation has been growing over the past five years, with many members coming from outside of Baysies.

Church members said the Bains are also very welcoming, and even a couple have gone out to their home in the past two years to visit.

“People are coming in, they’re eating and they’re enjoying the food,” said pastor Jim McValley.

“As a family, as a community, we’ve been very welcoming and very helpful, and that’s what we’re all hoping to do.”

He is also concerned that people from outside the church are taking advantage of the church.

“This is a place that’s been built in the middle of nowhere, and people come in from the mainland, they don’t come in here, and then they come in,” he added.

Church leaders say the situation is not normal and they will be meeting with the group to find out how to resolve the issue.

“When I was a pastor, I would have to go out and get them, and when I got them, I wouldn’t go to a meeting, I’d have to say, ‘you know what, I don’t really know what you’re going through.

We need to find a way to resolve this,'” said McVeige.

For more information on the Baines, visit their website.

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