The Mass is a very popular Christian practice.

And while there are countless popular movies about the Mass, a recent study found that only about a quarter of those movies feature people who celebrate the mass in their own homes.

The movie industry has taken notice and launched a new initiative to make the mass a more recognizable event, in which movie makers are collaborating with community groups, church leaders and even churchgoers to find out how people celebrate the Mass.

So how does a church celebrate the ritual?

The answer lies in the word “masses.”

In the Old Testament, the word for “church” is mousah, which literally means “house of prayer.”

The word for the Mass in the New Testament is the Roman rite, which means “celebration of the saints.”

So if you want to get in on the mass-celebrating action, the first step is to figure out how to honor the Mass through a specific word.

Here are 10 popular movies that highlight the word masses.

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