The Gospel Coalition of America (GCA) is taking another step in the quest to make it easier to grow a church and a home for God in the heart of our local neighborhood.GCA, founded by Bob Waddell and the late, great Rev. Dr. Robert Stumpf, is working on a pilot project with two local churches to grow and harvest produce.

The new pilot project will be at churches in the Mission Hills neighborhood, one of the most economically depressed areas in the metro area.

The first step in GCA’s efforts is to get the word out to churches and the community.

The pilot will be conducted through the Gospel Coalition and will be in the coming months.

The goal is to help churches get in touch with their local growers to see if they would be interested in partnering with GCA.

The Gospel Coalition is working with three different churches to begin the pilot project.

One church, St. John the Baptist, has agreed to take part.

Gospel Coalition President, Steve Ouellette, said this partnership is a good first step toward reaching out to the churches and helping them become more productive.

“We’re not asking the churches to go on a full-scale mission trip and harvest their own food,” Ouellic said.

“We’re asking them to be part of this process of going to these churches and asking them for a few of their produce.”

St. John Baptist Church has already agreed to join the pilot program.

In addition, other churches that are interested in participating are: St. Joseph Church, St Matthew Church, and St. Thomas More Church.

If churches want to participate, they’ll have to commit to grow their own produce.GMCs is also working with other churches in their area.

The GCA pilot is a pilot, but we’re working with all the churches in this area to get their information out and start working on getting a pilot program going,” said GMC Executive Director Jim Stoddard.GCC has worked with St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, which has been interested in the pilot because they have been growing their own vegetables for some time.

The Church of Christ has been growing potatoes, peas and other produce, and has a farmer’s market that sells produce from their greenhouse.GCCC has partnered with several churches, including St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Saint Luke’s United Church, Holy Spirit Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and St John the Baptist.

This pilot is just one step toward a more holistic approach for the growing community.

In the coming weeks, GCA will be reaching out and offering other opportunities to churches in our area to grow.”

The goal of this pilot is to be able to grow food in a way that is sustainable and that will benefit all the people in our community,” Stoddar said.”

This pilot will help us make sure that we can grow food for our community in a sustainable way, that we’re not spending resources that could be better used elsewhere,” he added.

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