The answer is the Freedom Church, located in the city of Cottonwood, Alabama.

Its motto is “Love for all”.

The Freedom Church was founded in 1845 by John Cotton, a free man who helped establish the state of Alabama.

The church, located just east of Birmingham, has been the focus of the Alabama Free Baptist Convention, which is led by pastor John Haney.

He has been speaking out about how the church is hurting its members and people around the world.

“Our message is that God does love us and loves us with love,” he said.

The Freedom church has been praised by some for its love and compassion, and has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Other churches around the country are starting to see an influx of people from the Freedom community, and the congregation is growing.

Haney told Mashable, “It is just an incredible community that really has a lot of love.”

In fact, his congregation is so close to the city that it’s the closest of any city church to a Walmart.

The store has been a staple of the town for more than 100 years.

Hana was at the church the other day, and she was able to sit with some of the congregants and hear their story.

“We have been in the church for a long time,” she said.

“They are just a wonderful people.”

They’ve also been able to see some of their fellow members suffering from the effects of climate change.

“There are people in the community that have cancer and some of them have asthma,” Hana said.

Hane said the church has helped people of all ages with mental health issues.

“It has helped them get better,” he added.

Hanes daughter, Mary, who also has cancer, also has been able, along with the congregation, to help people with their medical bills.

The congregation is also a welcoming place for the homeless.

“Some of the homeless people, they get into the church and they stay there for weeks,” Hane explained.

“If they are in a wheelchair, they will go to the church.”

The Freedom and Freedom Church have been together for about 40 years, and have grown over the years to become the largest church in the country.

“This church has grown and it has grown tremendously,” Haney said.

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