When the first day of work rolls around, the first thing you’re likely to do is start talking to people in your faith community.

But you may be surprised at the amount of work you need to do to get noticed.

Here’s how to find a job, if you’re a church leader or leader in your local church.


Find out what churches are looking for: The more you know about your congregation and how they’re recruiting people, the more confident you’ll be about what you can do.

But be sure to ask people who are not members of your church, and ask for guidance from church leaders.

Ask for guidance about how your church is going to hire you.

You want to get as much input from church members as possible, and they can be helpful in helping you find your way.

A church representative will usually be able to point you in the right direction, so be sure you talk to the person you want to hire.


Ask questions: The most important thing you can ask about your church before you get hired is: “How can I get hired?”

For instance, if a church wants to hire a church-affiliated recruiter, that recruiter is likely to be more likely to work with you, because that recruitor has the best chance of finding you a job.

In fact, you should ask questions like, “Do you want me to work on Sunday?”

“How long will it take?”

“What is the cost of my time?”

And so on.

And keep asking.

You can also ask your local congregations about their recruiting efforts, such as how many people are being recruited, what types of opportunities they’re looking for, and where they are recruiting people.


Read recruiting materials: When you get the job, it will probably look very different from the recruiter’s initial job description.

You might get a notice that your job title is “Clergy Member of the Church of God.”

Or you might get an email that says “We are looking to hire an individual to serve as a clergy member in your congregation.”

These are not the kind of job descriptions you’ll see on Craigslist.

You’ll want to ask questions to get answers.

For instance: Is it open to anyone from the church?

Are there any specific skills you can bring to the job?

Is the position open to a wide range of people?

Are you willing to work remotely?

And are there any qualifications you need?

Some church leaders may say you’ll get an offer, and then they may change their mind and say no.

It’s OK to ask these questions.


Check your résumé: It’s important to check your réSumé and make sure it includes your name and a contact phone number.

If you’re new to church leadership, or you’ve never held a job before, it may be helpful to see if the recruitor is recruiting someone from within your church.

You may be able find the recruiting position through your local congregation.


Write down your révie, then check it back: If you don’t get hired, you may need to find another job within your faith group, or find another church.

If the recruittor doesn’t want you, it might be worth asking about your past experience, including any past church members that have offered to hire the recruitter.

If there is a church member who is a member of your congregation, ask them to tell you who they want to be a recruiter.

They can then contact you directly and offer you a position.

If they can’t reach you, they can ask you to send an email to the recruitable person, or make an appointment with you.

Be sure to tell them who you are and what you want out of the job.


If that recruitable position isn’t in your area, check your local churches for openings.

If your church does have openings, ask about them.

The church may have an online job board, where members can post jobs for members to fill.

And if your local community does have a job board or online job posting system, you can also post on that system to get jobs that fit your skill set.


Don’t be intimidated: When your church recruiter comes to you, you have the opportunity to be an active part of their recruiting effort.

You’re a part of the community, and your job will be seen as a badge of honor by the recruiper.

But it’s important that you be comfortable and confident with the job you’re looking to fill, so you don andre you have questions about how to get hired.

If all else fails, consider getting help from your pastor.

Ask your pastor about church-related employment, and find out if you can speak with someone within your local clergy group to see how you can find the right position for you.

Find an attorney for advice on your case, or if you don

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