A St Patrick church has announced it will give its $500 million donation to a St Pauls Church in Ireland’s largest city.

The announcement came after St Patrics church founder Dr Robert Fergus announced he was donating to the Irish national church.

The St Patric Church said in a statement the gift is an important step in building a stronger relationship with the people of Ireland.

It said the donation was in recognition of the strong relationship between Ireland and the United States and the work the church is doing.

Dr Fergus said the money will go towards the building of a new St Paul church in Dublin, and the reopening of the St Patrick’s Cathedral.

St Patricks spokesman David Fennell said the St Paticks decision to give the money to St Patrons is a reflection of the support of the wider Irish community.

The church will also provide a $500,000 grant to St Patrick Church, which opened in 1848, for the development of a dedicated youth centre.

The decision to donate was taken in the wake of the recent murder of former parishioners in the Irish city of Dublin.

In May, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he hoped the country would be better off for the donation.

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