A church will be held in a new location in the coming months.

This is in part due to the fall weather, but also due to a growing number of churches going into new locations as well as the fact that there are now more people attending.

This trend has also seen a rise in the number of new churches in Scotland, with an increase of just over 30 per cent since 2011.

The new location is the new fall church at Tayside Park, a small, rural community in the county of Dumfries and Galloway.

It is the first new church in the region since 2015.

A community meeting has been held to consider the site’s future, with the aim of getting a design approved.

The meeting will take place at 10:00am on Friday (October 23) and the meeting will be open to the public.

The site has been approved and the construction of the building is already underway.

In October 2018, the community met to consider whether to move to another location, but the plans have been put on hold.

The area around the site is also now being developed.

This will bring the total number of existing churches in the area to more than 300, and could lead to an increase in the church size.

In 2017, the council had decided that the site would not be suitable for a new church.

However, this decision has now been overturned by the county council and the church will continue to be at Tysk, Dumfry and Gallowes.

What are the benefits of the new location?

A new church will allow for more people to come to the area and there will be more space for worship services.

The congregation is expected to be larger.

The church will also be able to host smaller, more intimate gatherings, which will be ideal for people who are away from home.

It will also offer more opportunities for socialising, which are already offered at other local churches.

What does the fall church offer?

The fall church is a very small, but popular, congregation in the Tyslawn area of Dumferry.

It has a number of services, including the Advent, Easter and Christmas services.

A large group of people are invited to join the congregation for the Advent on Friday.

The service is followed by a service at the end of the week, and the congregation will then return to the Teskwood Church on Sunday.

A number of people come to hear services from time to time, as well.

Some of the more popular services are: The First Communion on Friday evening at 6:00pm, with a service by the Bishop of Tyskil.

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