A new sanctuary church that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus could be the first place in Texas to offer a place where the “mosaican” Jesus can meet with believers.

The new sanctuary, which is being built in San Antonio, will offer a “maternal” feel to the faith, according to the Texas chapter of the National Association of Evangelicals.

That’s because it will serve as a place for believers to meet and share their stories.

The group is asking the city of San Antonio to allow the church to be called a sanctuary, after the founder of the church, Emmanuel Baptists, passed away in 2013.

The San Antonio chapter of Evangelical Immigration Reform, or EIR, called the church a sanctuary in a press release on Monday.EIR’s national coordinator, Ryan Schuessler, told The Washington Times that the new sanctuary is being planned as a model for other cities.

In addition to the baptismal font, the sanctuary will feature the Jesus Prayer, which Schuseles says will be “an experience of the resurrection, and we believe it will be a place that welcomes people who are ready to have a relationship with Jesus.”

In addition, the group hopes the sanctuary church will offer services such as Bible study, meditation, Bible study groups and a “time for fellowship.”

“The church is a place of prayer, fellowship and healing for the church and its members, who are often marginalized in their faith,” EIR wrote in the press release.

The sanctuary church is being designed by the Austin-based architecture firm of M.H. Dyson, which has previously built churches in New York City, Los Angeles and Portland.

It was founded by Rev. Eric W. Brown and his wife, Nancy, in 2012.

“There’s a lot of potential to create a new place of healing, fellowship, sharing, of sharing faith and joy,” Schusell said.

The church will be located in the historic San Antonio Mission Church on Main Street.

The church is part of the Texas Missionary Baptist Church.

“We wanted to be in the heart of the city, but we couldn’t be anywhere else,” Schueseles said.

“It was just the right size and location.”

He said that the sanctuary would be a space that would welcome believers, and not be a “trap.”

“If you’re going to be a believer, you want to have an open space where you can meet and have a conversation,” Schutseles told The Associated Press.

“The more you can have that, the better.”

A rendering of the new church’s facade.

The city of Austin is considering adding a parking lot at the entrance of the sanctuary.

The city council also plans to consider the creation of a new sanctuary park next to the existing church.

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